Faculty Announcements

Further infomation for announcements is available at the Department Office (UH 235).



  • Philosophy of Religion Conference
    The 38th annual CGU Philosophy of Religion Conference on 'The Meaning and Power of Negativity' is 2/17/17 - 2/18/17. The conference is free, but registration is necessary.
  • Call for papers
    The Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion is sponsoring a conference on Human Rights, Ethics and Spirituality April 21-22 2017 at College of Saint Elizabeth in New Jersey. Abstracts are due 3/10/17.
  • Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World, Call for Papers
    The 24th annual meeting of the SPCW is 7/30/17 - 8/3/17 in Colorado. The theme is Consumption, Sustainability and the Ends of the Earth. The paper submission deadline is 3/1/17.
  • Call for Papers
    Essays in Philosophy is accepting submissions for a special issue on Moral Philosophy and War. The submission deadline is 3/31/17.
  • Scripps College, Philosophy Talks
    Elanore Taylor, "Explanatory Distance." 4:15, 2/7/17 Humanities 201. In addition, Scripps announces the following dates (but not places or times) for philosophy talks: 4/6/17, J.L Shellenberg; 4/27/17 Chris Lebron.